DanceBreeze - Mallorca         Dancing & Chilling at the Beach...  

27. - 30.04. 2024 CalaD'Or, Spain        

Welcome to a breeze of dancing by the sea...

Fill your heart with new dance impressions and challenge yourself to progress in your own development of dance skills while letting your spirit flow in a Mediterranean setting. Mallorca is the ideal spot to combine passion with relaxation. Bech, mountains, pittoreque places, sports offering and cafés, the island has its own charm and wants to be discovered.

Whether alone, together, with family or friends, beginner or advanced – everybody can find their time alone and combine the days with vacations. This is one reason the classes are composed of packages for you to choose from. Depending on your training goals and mood you can book packages, from “drop-in” classes up to the complete four-day-program.

Join to dance & chill on the beach in 2023!

DanceBreeze - dancing & chillaxing

The ultimate formula is "four to the fourth"

· 4 classes a day of pure dancing
· 4 styles danced daily
· 4 international well-known trainers
· 4 days of relaxing & fun

Your benefit with DanceBreeze!

Challenge yourself - find your style!

·        Dance workshops with diverse classes
·        Training with direct view to the beach
·        International motivated trainers
·        Small dance classes, familiar learning
·        New dance styles to discover
·        Boutique Hotel at a nice spot
·        Fast access to the dance location

Dance classes & trainer crew form 2023
DanceBreeze is fun and offers numerous classes with different dance styles to try out. In the following, you may learn more about the dance classes and styles that are offered at DanceBreeze Mallorca 2023. Get a glance on the stunning trainer profiles, learn about the dance classes coming up. 

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    Overview and descriptions of all offered dance classes & styles! Coming soon.

« DanceBreeze Trainer Crew 2023

    Learn more about the trainer & their backgrounds! Coning soon.

Application here:

 To apply for the workshop, please download the pdf, fill it in and send it back to my person:

Trainer Crew from 2021 "light version"
Thierry Paré (DE/FR):                 Ballet Basic, Pop'n Rock Ballet
Angela Bruno (ESP):                   Contemporary Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Modern Jazz
Andrea Soto (ESP):                     Hip Hop

Trainer Crew from 2019 "Premiere"
Nunzio Lombardo (DE/UK):       Burlesque Jazz, Musical Dance
Jorge Vazquez (NL/USA):          Funky Jazz, Lyrical Jazz Styles
Thierry Paré (DE/FR):                  Ballet Basic, Pop'n Rock Ballet
Aida Vila Pampillón (ESP):         Hip Hop, Urban Street


DanceBreeze invites you all to be part of a little show performance on the last night. Together with family, friends, and guests, we want to share what dancing stands for and what we have worked independently and as a group. Dance is music made visible - let's share!


The workshops a, which means on a nice terrace with rooftop and picturesque view of the bay and the sea. Please have an eye on the weather preview, in case of fresher days, please bring long sleeves and longer training pants, as well as recommended shoes (ballet, jazz, commercial, hiphop) and knee pads. Burlesque Dance: heels are welcome!


Pricing & Conditions 2023

DanceBreeze presents packages that you may book according to your own training mood and personal goals.

Options: single classes (drop-in), individual classes of your choice or the complete dance package of 16 classes, booking is according to your dance volume! One dance class => is about 1,5 hours of dance fun. 

Single class:                        25,-€ (1 dance class, onsite)

   8 classes:                        200,-€ (2 classes, daily)
12 classes:                         290,-€ (3 classes, daily)
16 classes:                         379,-€ (4 classes, daily)

«« Early Bird ««
There is an early bird until the 31st of Dec, 2022 – take your chance! For those impatient dancers who would like to book right now, there is a little incentive!
Early bird discount: 190,- €/ 275,-€/ 360,-€. 

Dance Location -  the hotel

The dance location is the hotel Cala D’Or, located on the southeastern part of the island of Cala D‘Or. The name’s meaning is “golden bay” and it is famous for the rocky coast and its fjords. The place, Cala D'Or itself, offers nice alleyways with a variety of shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. Cala D'Or is also well known for Cala Llonga, the yacht habour with an exclusive life style. 


The hotel Cala D’Or is a modern furnished and friendly boutique hotel. Upon entering you feel very welcome and comfortable. Inviting colours and decorations, massages and corners for you to discover and have some time to yourself. This hotel is an “adult only” hotel.


« To find out more about the hotel & prices « 
     Please click on => Hotel Information 

Special Booking Rate !!!

For all participating dancers the hotel management is offering a special deal on the rooms. It follows the rule of individual booking with breakfast (or half pension), according to “first come - first serve”.

  • REMARK: please book rooms only via email to the reception, with mentioning the "DanceBreeze 2023" workshop. The group gets a separated offer, to be paid onsite, when arriving and refundable. All bookings via the website directly = will NOT  be refundadable!
  • Email: / "Dance2023"

Terms & Conditions

The dance workshop participation is unlimited! However due to a discounted room rate and limited hotel room availability, it is recommended to book well in advance. 

  • With the submission of one’s application is a down payment of 50% of the chosen workshop package to be secured. A remaining balance can be paid up to 30 days after the booking date.

           Applications up to the 31st of January, 2023
           Term of payment: 50% with application, remaining balance within 30 days after the application date

           Applications from the 1st of February, 2023
           Term of payment: 100% with application


  • With a cancellation of the participant, the following cancellation conditions will met:

            Cancellation costs up to 90 days prior to workshop beginning 
            The applicant will be refunded 75% of the booked package amount

            Cancellation costs from 90 days onward to workshop beginning
            The applicant will be refunded 50% of the booked package amount 
  •  Absence without any prior announcement, or a cancellations within 1 week or less before the workshop       beginning, the full package amount will be charged.
Limitation of liability

  • There are no liabilities assumed by any other services. 
  • If dance classes are cancelled in whole or in part due to circumstances beyond the control
    of the organizers from DanceBreeze Mallorca, no refund of fees can be made. 
  • With your application you confirm that you are in good physical condition to participate at
    the dance workshop. 

Imprint/ Data Security

Please find more details in the following => Imprint & Data Protection